Sunday, June 27, 2010

A couple of stitched cards.

Cards are probably my favorite thing to embroider little things for. I have always made handmade cards since I was a teenager and this new skill makes my cards a ton more awesome.

Here are two stitched cards I have done in the past few months.

This was sent to my mom for Mother's day. This photo is from my phone and is pretty terrible. I forgot to take a picture of the finished card, but this is the design i did, sort of modified from a couple Jenny Hart patterns and stitched freehand onto felt.

This was done as a wedding card for a lovely couple. I stitched this freehand onto felt and luckily it was just the right size. I heard they are planning to frame this! So proud of it. It took sooo long but it was so worth it.
2010-05-23 e+b 002

I have a handful of projects in the works and am going to revive this blog if it's the only thing I do all summer! :)


  1. I'm envious of your sewing talent. I've never gotten the hang of it. Everything I do is very crooked.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Wow, thanks! I get frustrated sometimes, but can't stop making things!