Monday, August 2, 2010

A card/notebook for Ben & Kennedy

I hope they have opened this already so no one is surprised when this posts to Faceboook!

I stitched this little K + B for Kennedy and Ben's wedding this past weekend. I didn't want to make a normal card, so I thought a fun idea might be attaching something hand made to the cover of a little moleskine notebook that they can use to keep score in when they play cards or write grocery lists or whatever it is that they want to use it for.

I think it turned out really cute and I hope K & B like it! The color doesn't come through too accurately in the photos, but the thread was a pale seafoam greenish color and I drew the letters freehand right onto the felt with a gold sharpie before stitching over it.

2010-07-27 K + B 007

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