Monday, September 6, 2010

C & P, a wedding card.

So have you heard of this amazing website, Spoonflower? Well you upload your own patterns and you can have them printed on fabric! Once you order a swatch you can sell your patterns to the public on the site! They have lots of different fabric options from lightweight cotton quilting fabric to upholstery weight twill and all kinds in between and they do contests where you design certain themed fabric patterns.

They had a special a little bit back where you could get an 8" x 8" swatch for free (normally $5)! So I uploaded a bunch of my patterns and ordered one of my own! Though I will probably tweak it before allowing it to be sold, the swatch was a perfect background for the card I wanted to make for my boyfriend's sister's wedding the following week.

I stitched a C and P for the bride and groom's initials and then did a little ambersand in between. I love the ampersand, it is my favorite part. I then stitched a heart around it which turned out kinda wonky but I still think this card turned out awfully cute and I hope C & P like it.

2010-09-02 c&p 004

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