Monday, November 22, 2010

Pom Poms-Not Just for Cheerleaders

I saw this DIY wreath post on Apartment Therapy and followed it to Bleubird Vintage's blog and found the cutest wreath ever. (Also, the cutest blog ever but that's another story) The colors she used work for both Thanksgiving and Christmas but you could really use any colors you want. We made this our next project for our weekly ladies craft night. The first time I made one of these cute little pom poms I was squealing and texting Michelle with their cuteness, only to find she was on the other end doing the same. We got a head start on making the pom poms but overall it only took a few hours collectively to make enough for the 3 wreaths that we made. Bleubird suggests making about 40 pom poms for each wreath but I felt I could've used more in the end to cover more surface area. It took us two evenings as a group to make them, one to make the pom poms and one to assemble the wreaths.

We all found this project to be super simple and everyone loved the end result! To make your own pom pom wreath check out this post on Bleubird's blog!

Pom pom haircut trimmings

The first of many to be made

So cute!


  1. So cute! So glad you found this project for us!

  2. p.s. fixed your tag from yard to yarn!

  3. here is an awful pic of mine!