Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun & Easy Party Decorations

I was going to wait and let Vanessa write about her own birthday party decorations, but I just can't wait. She is in Spain having a blast and I am in rainy Portland wondering what happened to all these cute paper flowers we made and thinking about how I can work some of them into my new office decor at home.
So without further ado, here are a few cute things we made for V's 30th birthday picnic in the park. These would all definitely work for any age birthday party!
V's mom made some delicious red velvet cupcakes, 30 of them to be exact. We made cute little flags out of colorful banjo covered wrapping paper, glued the paper flags to toothpicks, and stuck one in each cupcake.
2011-09-10 V's Picnic Party 002
So festive and fun! This paper also set the color scheme for our table cloth choices and for the Vanessa banner.
The banner was made from a cute orange gingham fabric. We cut letters to spell out V's name in colors matching the little banjos and glued them to the fabric. We punched holes in the corner and tied them to the tables using cute ribbons.
2011-09-10 V's Picnic Party 004
And last but not least, my fave of these crafts was inspired by this crepe paper flower tutorial (from combined with this crazy expensive but oh so pretty photo backdrop (from We created a long garland of flowers of various colors using tissue paper rather than crepe paper, simply because it was more readily available. Once we got to the park we cut the garland up into various lengths and tied them from tree branches.
2011-09-10 V's Picnic Party 005
It was a bit difficult to capture how great they looked hanging from that tree. But believe me, they looked darling! Like something from Alice in Wonderland!
2011-09-10 V's Picnic Party 008
I am kind of obsessed with these flowers. They were so super easy to make and so stinking cute. I wished we had made about three times as long of a string of the flowers as we did.
The finishing touches were hand written labels for all the food, a mermaid pinata filled with gum, airheads candy and various little toys and things, along with two giant balloons: a 3 and a 0. There was a bit of a fiasco with the 3, one flew away the night before the party, but we were able to get another one and made sure it stayed put!
All in all it was a super fun and super cute party for one of my most favorite people and I am happy that I could help her create all of these darling decorations. So glad she is in my club finally!
2011-09-10 V's Picnic Party 020
Do you have any adorable and easy party decorating crafts to do on a budget?

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  1. Oh, looks like a beautiful and fun party! The red velvet cupcakes look delish

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