Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mostly Stitches Introduction-Part Deux

Hello all! I'm Michelle's counterpart to this new blog, Vanessa, Vana, or V. You may know me from blogs such as Mostly Soup or Today on the Train.

Michelle and I started embroidering only a couple of months ago when I convinced her to come with me to an introductory embroidery class one rainy Saturday. Michelle's not much for saying no and thus our new hobby was born. She's already far surpassed me both on quality and quantity but I did manage to finish one tiny little project last week.

I snagged a beanie from a clothing exchange party that was adorable except for the ugly Volcom logo that was embroidered onto it. I decided to make my own embroidered patch and slap it over the logo to transform the hat into something I would wear. Michelle was kind enough to sketch a tulip for me onto a felt patch and I embroidered over it. We were feeling very springy in our Portland 61 degrees and sunny weather. The tulip head is free hand, the stem is stem stitch and I used back stitch to sew it onto the hat.

I think the results turned out pretty cute and I have the hat on my head as I type this very sentence! So if any of you have an article of clothing that has a hole, a stain, an outdated skateboarding company logo on it, or the like, feel free to request a custom cover up from Mich or I. Nudge, nudge (Mostly Stitches Etsy Page, products coming soon).

v's hat (1)

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